Filter for your Sitz bath

If you wish to capture debris you will find it useful to make a filter for your Sitz Bath. I placed a piece of material (pillow slip cover) over the bath, weighted it down to the bottom and allowed for some extra material, beyond the edge of the rim, for a hem that will contain a piece of elastic (I used the waist band from a pair of underwear). Sew the hem containing the elastic and the filter for your Sitz bath is ready for use.

Stretch the filter over the Sitz bath and then fill the basin with hot water.

A lot of debris is carried away from the bath, into the toilet bowl, by the overflow. A filter will capture that debris and also makes the collection of it a very simple process. Prior to making a filter I used a cotton swab to "fish" the debris out of the water. Then a knife blade was used to scrape the debris onto my sample sheet.

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