Prostate in Public Domain

Clean Prostate Treatment was made public through this website because I felt it was very important to put my findings into the public domain. Millions of men suffer from prostate disorders and they need help.
This medium is a perfect entry for prostate in the public domain.

Having had two sisters suffer from breast cancer, I was led to do a lot of research on the subject of cancer. My conclusions about Prostate Cancer and other cancers were realized after much deliberation.
That page is dedicated to Linda, my baby sister, who lost her fight with cancer in June 2003.
There is also another separate page on prostate cancer symptoms.

My research also prompted me to do some deep thinking about the state of our mainstream Health Care system and how it evolved. That led to some conclusions about Alternative Health.
It was good enough for thousands of years but now, according to some, it is not as good as conventional medicine which treats only symptoms, while ignoring the cause of those symptoms.

After three months of using Clean Prostate Treatment, what has prostate drainage done for me?
Well, I now have the feeling of "lightness" that I experienced in my youth.
There is also a remarkable increase in sensitivity and I no longer have problems with urination.

It's important to understand that my feeling of "lightness" comes after two months of sitting at a keyboard from 14 to 16 hours a day, working at getting my information into some kind of organized presentation. I had to start the "website building learning curve" at the very bottom of the curve.
For two months I have had very little physical activity, yet I feel like I am in tiptop shape
and it's more than psychological. There is now some bounce in my step.

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to provide access to this information
that I believe is critical to the well-being of millions of men, as well as their partners.
This method is easy, inexpensive, private and produces results. My photos of debris prove the results.

I have come to believe that the prostate is a repository for fatty deposits.
These deposits can collect and hold toxins for decades.
Eventually the prostate becomes plugged and toxic to the point where problems become apparent.
There are Band-Aid solutions, such as drugs, that are temporary at best.
The only logical answer is to get rid of the fatty deposits by draining the prostate.

The choice is yours to make.
This method takes time but is very natural and gentle.
Using drugs to overcome the problems will often work but the root cause of the problem remains. Eventually extreme and radical treatments, such as surgery and/or radiation, become the only options.

Because my treatment has been so successful I feel a great deal of gratitude.
Consequently, this information will remain in the public domain
so that others will have this prostate treatment option available to them.

Good luck!