Adding hot water to your Sitz bath is necessary in order to keep the water at the desired temperature. The heat is necessary to have the blocked acini expand and thereby facilitate the discharge of prostate debris from the prostate.

Adding hot water is a very simple procedure.

Use the bag supplied with the Sitz Bath to hold a reserve of hot water. The bag will hold 2 quarts of water or approximately 2 liters. Two quarts of water will weigh about 5 pounds or approximately 2 kilograms. Position the bag higher than the Sitz Bath. Suspending the bag from a shower curtain rod is perfect and will result in a strong flow from the effect of gravity. Make an "S" hook shaped from a wire coat hanger and use it to hang the bag on the shower rod.

With a simple arrangement of the hose in the bath, the hot water can be directed at the base of the penis so that the heat will get to the prostate.

The items necessary to do Alternative Prostate Treatment are easily obtained and also easy to store when not in use.

The time required to do one bath, from start to finish, is less than 30 minutes.

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