Massage the Lymph Nodes in Your Groin

The Lymphatic System is responsible for carrying away the residue of cell metabolism. Think about it as clearing out the trash. Circulation of lymph fluid is stimulated mostly by muscle contraction. As muscles contract the lymph fluid gets squeezed along the system until the fluid reaches a blood vessel where it is deposited.

Located at various points throughout the body are Lymph Nodes where bacteria and other noxious substances are filtered out from the lymph system. When the body is overloaded with toxins the nodes can become congested. Congestion can also occur when there is very little muscular activity. Toxic overload and muscular inactivity are functions of age. As we get older we get some of both. Prostate problems are also a function of age. Are you seeing a connection here?

As a result of congestion in the lymph nodes the lymph drainage is obstructed and there will be a resultant congestion beyond the lymph nodes. To restore free movement of the lymph fluid it is necessary to massage the lymph nodes.

Lymph Node Massage

There are lymph nodes located in the groin area. They are at the top of the legs where the legs join the torso. Those lymph nodes can be easily massaged to promote lymph drainage.

Take a dry towel and fold it several times to form a pad that will easily fit into your hand. Hold your scrotum to one side out of the way and use the folded towel as a massage pad. Holding the towel against the skin stroke along the thigh and up beside the scrotum ten times. Then do the same for the other side.

That's it! Very simple. Very easy. Do it every day. Get your lymph fluid moving and that will help to relieve congestion in your prostate.


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