Prostate Treatment Observations

I have some prostate treatment observations to make after treating my prostate for several months. These observations are, of course, my own opinion.
I also have some observations about the subject of cancer on a page named prostate cancer.
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If I was able to get the toxic debris out of my prostate then so can you.
It is so easy! Don't wait. Do it now.
Your future happiness depends on it. Your very life may depend on it!

It has been suggested to me that this method of prostate detoxification will have to be considered as an option for treating all the various forms of prostate disease. I will leave that determination up to the viewers of this site. They will look at the photos, read the various pages and then decide if this methodology has merit. My wish is that others will be helped as much as I have been.

After more than three months of draining toxic waste from my prostate, it is obvious to me that my prostate has a remarkable affinity for collecting and holding fatty deposits. I believe that, over the years, those fatty deposits become toxic and are the root cause of prostate disorders.
Those disorders include an enlarged prostate, an infected prostate (prostatitis) and eventually the ultimate result of those conditions is prostate cancer.
Obviously the deposits must be removed before real healing can begin.

The above prostate disorders have various symptoms which include Erectile Dysfunction (ED), urination problems, fever from infection, lower back pain and pain in the genital area. A man can experience only one of these symptoms or a very unfortunate man can experience all of them.

When I consider the number of men in North America (approximately 30 million) who suffer from prostate disease, some things become clear to me.
All of our society (yes, women too) must become aware of the
absolute necessity for men to develop a good prostate hygiene regime.
The pipes must be kept clean.

Younger men can help prevent future prostate problems by using
prostate drainage as preventive maintenance.

If we are not willing to change our diet, which contains too much fat, we must be willing to deal with the eventual consequences of our diet. One of those consequences, for men, is an accumulation of fatty deposits in the prostate which can lead to serious prostate problems.

Some questions occurred to me while in the process of cleaning my prostate.
Does the body develop a "conditioned response" to a repeated stimulus? What about another form of external energy, other than heat, applied to the groin? What about alternating streams of hot and cold water on the affected area? What about sound waves of a particular amplitude and frequency? What about mechanical energy, as from a vibrator? What about a very low electric current?

The debris will come out; there must be a more efficient method that can be developed.
Many millions of men are in need of treatment .... what a great research project!

For the present, my method will have to do.
I find that rising out of the bath water and then dropping back into the water serves to provide a mild thermal shock to the prostate that loosens the debris. Then I do the PC contractions ( the muscles used to stop urination), hold for about 6 seconds, and relax. The contractions help to expel debris from the acini (small pipes), into the urethra (larger pipe) and out through the penis.