Paying it Forward

If you have success with this method of cleansing and feel the need to offer
some form of payment, then let me suggest the following two options for you:

Option #1

My goal is to make the information in this website available to as many people as possible. You can help!
Recommend this website to two people or just leave them a note containing the website address.
The website address is

We have to begin to talk about prostate problems.
Millions of men are suffering from prostate disorders and their options are very limited.
Many are reluctant to initiate discussion about their problems.

By using some of the information you found in this site you can open the door to conversation and
help break the chains of silence that bind us into accepting the loss of our sexual ability.
This does NOT have to be a part of the aging process.

Option #2

Give $5.00 with a smile to a homeless or less fortunate individual.
Look beyond the physical and what may be an unkempt appearance.
See a soul, lost or broken maybe, but trying to cope with the circumstances that led to the breakage.