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Prostate cancer, what causes it, and the role of the immune system in controlling prostate cancer, as well as other cancers. I am not a medical professional but I do have a brain and I like to use it whenever the question of my survival arises. I do not like to put my survival in the hands of people who have a vested interest in promoting treatments that would leave me in a position of vulnerability to any common germ that I happen to encounter.

This page is dedicated to my remarkable sister Linda, who lost her very courageous fight with breast cancer in June 2003.

At any given moment cells in our bodies are dying. Dead cells are constantly being replaced by new cells. Some of the new cells are defective or abnormal in some way. The uncontrolled growth of those abnormal cells is what we call cancer. Healthy cells may also be made abnormal by external forces, such as radiation. The growth of abnormal cells is held in check by the immune system.

Prostate Cancer and the Role of the Immune System

The immune system identifies a foreign body, such as a bacterium, virus, (commonly referred to as germs) or abnormal cell and destroys it. When the immune system is functioning properly we remain healthy. When the immune system is depressed, a foreign body such as a germ or an abnormal cell is able to replicate itself. This replication can take place at a fantastic rate. Then we get sick. The replication of abnormal cells and the resulting uncontrolled growth of those cells is what we call cancer, be it prostate cancer or another type of cancer. Here is a link to prostate cancer symptoms .

Conventional cancer treatment targets fast-growing cells for destruction because rapid growth is a characteristic of cancer cells. However, cells produced by the immune system are also fast growing and they are also destroyed, along with the cancer cells. Therein lies a bitter irony. Cancer cells are destroyed but we can become very ill from a germ because our immune system has been compromised by the treatment.

Prostate cancer (and every other kind of cancer) is the result of a malfunctioning immune system. Any cure for cancer will have to be one that enhances and strengthens the immune system so that the immune system can do the job it was designed for and destroy the abnormal cells.

The cure for prostate cancer and every other type of cancer will be found in herbs, or other substances, that strengthen and enhance the immune system. The cure for cancer lies within our body and its properly functioning immune system. Here is an excellent source of current (October, 2004) information on prostate cancer from a newsletter. Click on this link for a free subscription to the newsletter.

Spontaneous Remission

Spontaneous Remission is the term used by conventional medical professionals to explain why a cancer patient suddenly shows no signs of cancer. It is a subject that makes them uncomfortable. When a cancer patient's formerly depressed immune system is reactivated, the reactivated immune system looks after the cancer cells in the manner for which it was designed and the cancer cells are eliminated.

Obviously, if the immune system again becomes depressed, at a future time, then there is a possibility of the cancer reoccurring, therefore, we must always help our immune system. We must detoxify our bodies. We must expel toxic material because it will poison us. We must strengthen our immune system, and keep it strong, so that it will always function at top efficiency and be able to keep us healthy.

Our properly functioning immune system keeps us alive. When a body dies the immune system, of course, also dies. The bacteria within the body can then grow, with no interference from the immune system. The body then decomposes rapidly. Obviously the immune system is your body's health "watchdog". Look after it and feed it well with the proper nutrients so that it can operate at peak efficiency.

That, my friend is the argument for using herbs, fruits, and vegetables in your diet because they can act as a tonic for your immune system.

Why Detoxify the Prostate?

It was stated above that when cells reproduce (divide) some of the cells could be abnormal and the uncontrolled growth of those abnormal cells is what we call cancer. It stands to reason that for a healthy body to remain healthy there should be a minimum reproduction of cells. This situation, of course, reduces the chance of abnormal cells being produced and also reduces stress on the immune system.

Whenever there is an irritant present that damages body tissue, that body tissue has to be replaced. The replacement of that body tissue raises the chances of abnormal cells being produced and therefore increases the chance of cancer. It then behooves us to reduce the possibility of contact with irritants that could cause damage to any of our body tissues. Some possible irritants are the infamous tobacco products, excessive sunlight or other sources of radiation, some chemicals, repeated injury to a body part, and toxic waste that accumulates in the body. A good example of toxic waste accumulation is the debris that I was able to get out of my prostate by using Alternative Prostate Treatment. There is no doubt in my mind that if that debris were allowed to remain in my prostate then the eventual outcome would be prostate cancer. Remember that some very distinguished medical authorities are saying that if a man lives long enough he will develop prostate cancer. It is essential that the prostate be detoxified because the toxic material in the prostate is an irritant that will, in time, cause repeated damage to the tissues in the prostate and that in turn will eventually lead to prostate cancer. The photo scans of the prostate debris that came out of my prostate prove that Alternative Prostate Treatment will detoxify your prostate.

To find a description of the prostate, click on Prostate Gland Description. For information on what to do about prostate disorders click on Prostate Cancer Symptoms Relief and for information on good prostate nutrition click on Male Rejuvenator.

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