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Medical malpractice lawsuits are increasing because as statistical growth in the practice of medicine occurs then it follows that the incidence of medical malpractice will also occur. The practice of law and the practice of medicine often meet in the lawcourts because people are injured, disabled, or inconvenienced by incompetent doctors. Cancer statistics for the reproductive areas of men are staggering. There are over 300,000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed each year. Add the diagnosed cases of prostatitis and enlarged prostate and the sheer volume of patients leads to medical malpractice lawsuits that become a matter of concern for both doctors and patients.

Grounds for Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

For your information, there are various grounds for a prostate medical malpractice suit. Some of those grounds are listed below:

  • Not monitoring patients with a family history of carcinoma
  • Not requiring prostate diagnostic testing for African American males over 40
  • Ignoring or failing to recognize a patient's symptoms of cancer
  • Failing to perform a digital rectal examination or PSA blood test on males
  • Failing to perform a biopsy when test results are not normal
  • Failing to identify a cancerous mass during an examination
  • Failing to perform a physical examination or PSA blood test
  • Not requiring prostate diagnostic testing for males over 50
  • Failing to follow-up with the patient.
  • Losing records

Aggressive surgical intervention can leave a man with erectile dysfunction which is the inability of a man to obtain an erection. There is also the possibility of urinary incontinence which is the inability to of a man to hold his urine. Both can form the basis of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

These are the facts a man must have before he can make an informed decision about the treatment of his prostate condition because a doctor's incompetence can severely impact upon a man's quality of life.

Any man who believes he has been the victim of medical malpractice in the treatment of his prostate condition can obtain competent legal advice and pursue the matter in a court of law. There are legal firms that specialize in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Medical Malpractice Resources

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