Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is a term often used to describe prostate drainage that is produced by the application of pressure on the prostate. The pressure is either applied by a finger, or by a mechanical device, that is inserted into the rectum.

The objective of prostate massage is to use the pressure applied to the prostate to force debris from the prostate and out through the urethra. The forceful passage of that debris relieves built up pressure inside the prostate and provides relief for a man suffering from a prostate disorder such as prostatitis.

It is my opinion that the procedure could be dangerous because it could result in trauma to prostate tissue. If you are suffering from a prostate disorder then the last thing you need is damage done to your prostate tissue by the application of external pressure.. Your prostate is already under strain from the accumulation of debris that is causing you distress.

Prostate massage can be effective in providing relief but, as mentioned above, there is some risk involved. There is also the need for another person, hopefully a medical professional, to do the procedure. That involves an appointment and trip to an office or clinic and the associated expense. The practitioner inserts a gloved (usually latex) and lubricated finger into the patients rectum. The prostate is located by feel and finger pressure, in a rolling motion, is applied to the prostate so that some of the prostate contents are squeezed out into the urethra..

If an instrument is used for prostate massage then that requires a purchase. In addition to the possible damage done to prostate tissue, there is a risk of damage done to the sensitive tissues of the rectum.

Prostate drainage can be accomplished by using Alternative Prostate Treatment. It produces the same results as prostate massage but it is a natural and gentle process. It can be done at home, in private, at your own convenience and at little expense. Only twenty minutes a day are required to do the drainage.

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