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Sex After 60

Sex after 60 is of great interest to people who have passed their sixtieth birthday
This page, sex after 60, is for all those people.

Men have been led to believe that loss of sexual ability and peeing on ourselves is a natural part of aging. WRONG!

We have heard stories about some men who retain their sexual vitality well into their 80s and 90s.
Why only a few? Why not all? What is it that separates the few from the many?
Could the answer be something as simple as clean pipes?


As we get older, the pipes become more and more clogged.
This does not have to be a part of the aging process. If we can get rid of the debris in the pipes we can begin to reverse the sexual aging process and we can regain the ability we had as younger men.

Many doctors are convinced that there is a direct link between a man's age and prostate cancer.
That means the older a man is the greater the chance he will develop prostate cancer.
You will find more detailed information on my page about prostate cancer.

It is interesting that many people are now understanding the connection between sex and nutrition.
Proper nutrition is necessary to prevent premature aging.
Aging and less than perfect health is due to the continual deterioration of your body cells.
It manifests itself in lower levels of energy, loss of muscle tone and strength,
wrinkly and blemished skin, memory, libido, sexual performance and often depression.

You can combat these problems with Xtend Life .

Remember, clogged pipes are a breeding ground for bacteria and subsequent infection.
That infection also causes swelling and adds to the problem.
I found that cleaning the pipes is a pretty simple procedure.
It requires a small investment of time, very little effort, and the desire to feel complete again.

Is your health worth it? Are you worth it?