Prostate cancer symptoms relief, prostatitis relief and BPH relief can be obtained
by using Clean Prostate Treatment to drain toxic material from your prostate.

Here is a link for more information about prostate cancer symptoms.

Here you will find a simple explanation of how to use Clean Prostate Treatment to relieve many
of the symptoms of prostate disorders. If you decide to use Clean Prostate Treatment
you will find the treatment to be a very natural and gentle method of prostate drainage.
I experienced no pain with the passage of any of the prostate debris that I drained from my prostate.
You do it in your own home at your own convenience. There are no office visits and no time constraints.

Take a prostate supplement that can deliver the nutrients your prostate needs for good health.
The product I recommend is Male Rejuvenator.

Acquire the following items you will use to apply temperature changes to your prostate:

  • 2 Sitz baths which are approximately $8.00 each (Canadian)
  • 1 box of Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) which is about $4.00 (Canadian)
  • 1 cheap indoor/outdoor type thermometer (Dollar Store variety is fine)
  • 1 timer (a watch with a second hand is perfect)

What is a Sitz Bath?
A Sitz bath is an inexpensive plastic basin designed to fit into the bowl of a toilet or commode.
The plastic basin has holes that allow any overflow from the basin to drain into the bowl of the commode.
(Sitz baths and Epsom Salts are available over-the-counter in most pharmacies.)

Keep in mind that the following treatment is SIMPLE, SAFE, yet quite EFFECTIVE.

Apply temperature changes to your prostate by doing the following:
Fill one sitz bath with water heated to no more than 120 degrees F, 50 degrees C.
(Reduce the temperature of the hot water until you are comfortable with it.)
Mix two tablespoons of Epsom Salts into the hot water.
Fill the other sitz bath with plain cold tap water.

Position the hot sitz bath inside the toilet bowl. Sit in the basin.
Lean forward, resting your arms on your knees so that the hot water rises above the base of your penis.
(You want the heat to travel into your prostate.)
The water next to your skin will cool to your skin temperature quickly.
This cooled water acts as a natural insulation.
Therefore, you must break that insulation by rocking slightly back and forth to keep the hot water moving.

Use the bag that came with the Sitz Bath to hold a reserve of hot water which you can
release into the bath as needed. This bath lasts for 6 minutes.

I find that rising out of the bath water and then dropping back into the water serves to provide a mild thermal shock to the prostate that loosens the debris. Then I do PC contractions (squeeze the muscles used to stop urination), hold for about 6 seconds, and relax. The contractions help to expel debris from the acini (small pipes), into the urethra (larger pipe) and out through the penis.

Exchange the hot bath for the cold one and sit for 1 minute.
Repeat the cycle 3 times.
Try to keep the hot bath up to temperature by adding more hot water to the bath.

At the end of the treatment you can check the water for debris.

The time required to complete one bath, from start to finish, is less than 30 minutes.
This includes the setup before the bath and the storage of the required parts when the bath is finished.

Just Twenty Minutes Per Day

One twenty minute session of Sitz baths per day will normally be sufficient, however, if the flow of prostate debris is heavy, I recommend a second bath later that same day. I have done as many as 8 treatments in one day and I have learned that many treatments a day do not speed up the process. The debris will come out when the conditions are right. If you only have the time to do one treatment a day then I believe that would suffice to drain the part of the prostate that is ready to be drained on that particular day.

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